>> Jess (gerbert) wrote,
>> Jess

Ok, so here are some pictures.

Kristi O. & Britany @ Wal*Mart the day we got back.
We just saw them there, they didn't go to Sundance with us.

matty_b0y & Chad S.
The story about how awesome that guy is can be found here @ the bottom.

Matt K. & me before we left to come back home.

Matt K. with the coolest moose there. They had millions of them just standing around, this one lit up!

Matt K. and some posters. Whee.

Matt K. again.

"I look 'Park City'" - Matt K.

Me & Erica sitting in the Queer Lounge. My head looks extremely small because my hoodie is HUGE!

Paris & Nick.
The picture fucking sucks, figures.. oh well.. notice how Paris never ever has a frown on her face.
Maybe because she's perma-drunk, like Karen. ;)

I only know the name of the lady at the end, Ellen.
They're just some people who help out with the Queer Lounge.
Some great people =)

The people to the left we just met at Wal*Mart.. they were embarassed to have their picture taken, but hey, it was fun.
The others are just Kristi's friend, Kristi & Britany.

The last picture.
Matt looks like a goober. <3
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