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Thanks to the wonderful South Park Character Creator (http://southparkstudios.com/games/create.html), I was able to make a totally awesome picture.

If you guys don't know about this picture, here's a little story

From left to right: Me, Matt Stam, Janie, their little brother Tanner.

Me, Polly, Conor, matty_b0y, suicidekitty911 and the others in the picture went to the Ben Lomond Hotel to do an investigation.
We were down in the basement & Bob told us that he's gotten pictures of orbs down there, and that they are usually attracted to people.
That's why that little group of us is in that picture.

I had my eyes closed because I knew Heather's flash was bright, the others.. I don't know what the fuck was up with them.
It provided for a great picture to laugh at though.

Anyway.. I put that picture (minus me) on a thong a few months back.. with the saying "It runs in the family." from Professional Widow on it.
Polly bought one, and she rules, etc etc.

I just now made it into a really awesome 'animated' picture.

Thank you Polly for sending me the original picture again!!
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